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Yard Debris Pickup Returns to Friday

October 19, 2021 :: Latest News

The yard debris pickup schedule is changing again, with the pickup day returning to Fridays. The temporary rules Fairfax County enacted in August have been rescinded, meaning that yard debris must again be separated from regular trash. By sending a separate truck into Foxfield on Fridays instead of Thursdays, the trash company is able to more efficiently schedule its workforce. This change is effective October 18, so Foxfield will first see the new yard debris pickup day on Friday, October 22.

The previous policy prohibiting yard debris inside plastic bags will again be in effect. Place yard debris inside a bio-degradable paper bag or a personal container marked “yard waste.” No yard debris inside plastic bags will be collected.

Yard debris will be collected separately until December 24, 2021. After that, it may be combined with regular trash until March 4, 2022, when it must be separated again

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