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Trash Collection on May 17

May 17, 2022 :: Latest News

Foxfield’s trash disposal company notified our management company today that they weren’t able to collect all our trash yesterday. Trash not collected yesterday will be collected today.

2 Comments to “Trash Collection on May 17”
  1. Stacy E. Duffy says:

    The trash was not picked up today again! When is this going to be fixed we pay for two days a week. Today is Tuesday(5-17) , Monday(5-16) is trash pick up and they did not come yesterday or today. Thank you.

    • Scott says:

      A detailed explanation is contained in several posts on this website, but the short answer is that there is currently a nationwide shortage of people willing to drive trash trucks and pickup trash. The few drivers willing to do the work are also legally limited to the number of hours they can drive each day. This affects all communities and companies, not only Foxfield and American Disposal. Most likely the drivers couldn’t finish the pickups on Monday and did not “forget” your street. Although it’s possible to file a complaint with the company, they know which streets they weren’t able to service. Unfortunately, there is little American Disposal can do about this economic situation.

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