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Trash Collection on January 17 – UPDATE

January 17, 2022 :: Latest News

Foxfield’s trash disposal company notified our management company today that they won’t be able to collect our trash today. Trash will instead be collected tomorrow.

The wind is strong today and unsecured trash is likely to blow throughout the neighborhood. Please make sure your trash bags are secure — ideally, inside of a trash can. Consider bringing them back inside and setting them out again tomorrow morning.

We regret the inconvenience. Trash companies nationwide are still dealing with a shortage of qualified truck drivers due to COVID and the economy, and that affects the level of service we receive. Obviously, we hope both problems are resolved as soon as possible.

The new Christmas tree pickup schedule will be posted online as soon as it’s available.  Update: We were notified today that Christmas trees won’t be collected separately this year. Place your tree at the curb on a regular trash day so it can be collected along with the regular trash.

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