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Small Change in Trash Pickup Schedule

February 27, 2017 :: Latest News

Thursday’s trash pickup schedule has changed slightly. Instead of picking up recycling items first, the trash company now collects regular trash first, beginning as early as 7:00 a.m. The trucks then return to the neighborhood and pick up the recycling items somewhere around noon.

Residents can continue to place their trash and recycling outside at the curb the night before pickup. As always, please make sure your trash and recycling items do not blow out of your containers and into the neighborhood. Take a quick glance at what you just set at the curb and think whether a gust of wind will blow your papers or soda cans down the street—you may need to rearrange a few things so the heavy items are on top.

2 Comments to “Small Change in Trash Pickup Schedule”
  1. Donna Jones says:

    AWFUL. Now I can’t take out the trash as I leave for work. I must put it out the night before and hope that the animals do not disturb it. unnecessary change of no benefit.

    • Scott says:

      This scheduling change wasn’t something that Foxfield requested. The trash collection company is not required to pickup trash and recyclables in a certain order. As a practical matter, though, we’ve noticed that under the new schedule trash and recycling collection in Foxfield doesn’t begin quite as early in the morning as it did previously.

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