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New Recycling Rules

March 13, 2021 :: Latest News

American Disposal has recently made some changes to their recycling policies. In a nutshell:

  • Recycling materials and yard waste may no longer be placed in plastic bags. Use paper bags or cardboard boxes to hold your materials or place items in a reusable bin.
  • Yard debris is being picked up separately on Fridays (Thursdays effective 9/1/21) again in the single family homes sections. (Use paper bags, cardboard boxes, or a reusable bin.) Townhouse residents will continue to discard yard debris with their regular trash.
  • Glass containers will no longer be collected for recycling. Either take the glass to one of the many purple recycling bins in the local area or discard it with your regular trash.

Click here for more information on trash collection and recycling.

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