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Foxfield Annual Meeting Update

May 4, 2022 :: Latest News

The information packets and proxy forms were mailed last week, so everyone should be receiving them now.

We had a slight dilemma this year. Although we wanted to give everyone the maximum amount of time to read the information, we didn’t have all the information to print until just a few weeks ago. Our bylaws require we send out the annual meeting notices between 10 and 50 days before the election.

First, although we were fortunate the last two years when we held annual meetings outside and the weather was good, we felt it would be more prudent to schedule the meeting inside again like we had done in years past — if we were able to find a venue. We didn’t find out until April that Lees Corner Elementary School had relaxed some COVID restrictions and had one meeting date available to us in May; we quickly reserved the date. The school system has a new post-COVID policy though that requires a special insurance endorsement from us and that meant additional correspondence with our insurance agent, but we were able to get that taken care of in a few days.

We then wanted to give owners the opportunity to vote by mail as they had been able to do previously, while still giving people the opportunity to submit a candidacy statement and be listed on the ballot. We decided to divide the time remaining before the meeting in half, with half of it allocated for people to become candidates and the other half for people to read the packet of information and write the meeting date on their calendars. The deadline for submitting candidate names was set at April 26.

We posted a call for candidates online here on the Foxfield website, sent out emails, and sent SMS push notices to everyone who signed up for the notification services. We advertised the upcoming meeting on the Stringfellow Road signboard, which also displays the web site URL. We know it was discussed on Facebook. In response we received one candidate statement, and that person’s name is printed on the proxy along with the names of the other known candidates.

Meanwhile, while we were still waiting for possible candidates, we worked on redesigning the proxy form so that it could allow people to direct their vote. Of course our attorney needed to verify the form’s legality; we went back and forth on the wording and formatting several times as he added language that new laws require. Eventually everyone was satisfied and the packet with all candidate names went to the printer and into the mail last Friday, three days after the candidate submission deadline.

Sadly, as we were preparing for the annual meeting, normal board business did not take a break! Among other projects, we still needed to review architectural change applications, check out unkempt properties, verify parking complaints, and investigate a strange new wooden structure being built and rebuilt in the common area. But we digress…

All owners should be receiving an information page, the meeting agenda, a proxy form, a candidacy form, and a postage-paid return envelope.

The proxy form is not required if you attend the meeting in person. If you use the proxy, though, it allows one of five choices:

(1) You can let the Foxfield Secretary or other officer or director cast your vote as he sees fit.
(2) You can tell the Foxfield Secretary or other officer or director to cast your vote as you specified on the form.
(3) You can let a person of your choosing cast your vote as he or she sees fit.
(4) You can tell a person of your choosing to cast your vote as you specified on the form.
(5) You can tell the Foxfield Secretary to only count you present at the meeting for quorum purposes.

Anybody who still wants to become a candidate is welcome to return the completed candidacy form to our property manager, Luis Siguere. Submissions received by noon on May 13 will be printed on the ballot to be used at the election. All candidates will be announced at the annual meeting prior to the election, including any candidates not printed on the ballot. In addition, nominations will be accepted from the floor.

As of this writing, we have seven candidates for five open positions. In alphabetical order, the candidates are:

Rabih Aboul-hosn
Julie Chang
Scott Emmel
Patrick Gartlan
Curt Gaucher
Andrea Martin Jones
Curtis Stevens

If additional names become known before the election, they will be posted here.

It should be remembered that the purpose of the proxy form is to give people the opportunity to participate in the election without actually being at the meeting. All homeowners are invited to attend the meeting in person. Any homeowners who return a proxy form but later decide to attend the meeting and vote in-person may reclaim their proxy when they sign-in to the meeting — reclaimed proxies are not counted as candidate votes or for quorum.

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