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Foxfield Annual Meeting May 16

April 16, 2022 :: Latest News

The Foxfield Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, May 16, 2022, at Lees Corner Elementary School located at 13500 Hollinger Ave., Fairfax VA 22033. Sign-in begins at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting begins at 7:00. We’re returning to an indoor meeting location this year to avoid the risk of having to cancel and reschedule an outdoor meeting due to bad weather.

Masks are not required in the building or at the meeting, though you may still choose to wear them.

The main purpose of the meeting is to elect a Board of Directors. Foxfield’s bylaws require five directors and each director’s term ends after one year. All Foxfield owners in good standing are entitled to vote in the election. In addition, owners in good standing are invited to become candidates for a board position by sending their names to our property manager by the close of business on April 26 for inclusion on the printed election ballot. The candidate names will also be announced here at that time. In addition, nominations will be taken from the floor at the annual meeting prior to the election.

The Board of Directors administers the affairs of the homeowners association.  Here are some of the things we do:

• Review all architectural change requests submitted by other homeowners, then approve or disapprove the changes based on existing rules and guidelines. Owners typically request changes to roofs, windows, siding, front doors, decks, and fences. Onsite inspections are occasionally needed.

• Apply Foxfield covenants, bylaws, and policies to situations that arise. Examples include parking, trash, loose pet, and noise complaints, and architectural change requests. Complaints relating to lack of homeowner maintenance frequently require onsite inspections.

• Research and ensure continued compliance with various Virginia and Fairfax County laws and regulations. Recent examples include COVID distancing, solar panel, electric vehicle charging station, political signage, and playground issues.

• Review, discuss, and approve bids on major contracts such as road paving, trash collection, landscaping, snow plowing, management, and the swimming pool.

• Request, review and approve maintenance and repair bids for common area property upkeep. Request additional bids when appropriate. Optionally perform small maintenance items ourselves.

• Review, discuss, and approve budgets, general finances, and assessment rates.

• Discuss, evaluate, and decide issues having competing community interests such as basketball court usage and capital improvement projects.

• Review delinquent homeowner assessment accounts. Hold hearings and take collection actions if needed.

• Meet in person to discuss current issues at a formal business meeting, usually once each month.

While the Board is assisted in its duties by management company FirstService Residential, board members should plan on spending an average of an hour or so of their time on Foxfield business each week, reading and answering emails, reviewing homeowner requests and other documents, and possibly looking at various issues in the community. The board positions are unpaid, but you’ll gain the satisfaction of knowing you’re playing a significant part in keeping our neighborhood an attractive, well run, and desirable place to live.

A packet with additional information about the upcoming meeting, to include a mail-in ballot listing all candidates known to be running, will be mailed to all homeowners near the end of this month.

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