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Foxfield’s management agent is FirstService Residential located at 11351 Random Hills Road, Suite 500, Fairfax, VA 22030.

In general, FirstService Residential:

  • Provides regular inspections of the common areas and make recommendations to the Board as to necessary improvements.
  • Responds to reported architectural violations.
  • Solicits, analyzes, and negotiates bids for service and repair contracts for the buildings and grounds.
  • Recommends efficiency measures for daily operations.
  • Establishes preventative maintenance programs for buildings and equipment.
  • Administers billing and payment of quarterly HOA fees.
  • Processes architectural applications.
  • Processes and pays all bills of the association.
  • Administers collections procedures for unpaid assessments and works with the attorney when legal collection action is required.
  • Conducts resale inspections and prepares disclosure packets.

To contact FirstService Residential, call the Customer Call Center:

Tel: 703-385-1133
Fax: 703-591-5785