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Basketball Court Update

March 10, 2022 :: Latest News

The north end basketball hoop at the Brandy Station Road courts was recently re-enabled. The board had disabled it last fall after residents living nearby and parents at the nearby tot lot complained that large groups of young men were playing full court games there almost daily, accompanied by loud, offensive language and loud, offensive music. Although most of the ball players appeared to be driving to Foxfield from outside the neighborhood, they claimed they had friends in the community and were invited guests (which may have actually been true). The board’s goal was to prevent large groups of outsiders from playing full court basketball games on our courts while still allowing families and other residents to play half court games on the two remaining courts. By disabling one of the full court hoops, we seemed to have accomplished our goal.

Recently, some residents had requested that the third, disabled hoop be re-enabled, citing a shortage of playing areas. After discussing the matter, the board agreed to re-enable the hoop. All three backboards and hoops are again operational and available for play. The board is monitoring the situation and will appreciate any comments from residents directly affected by the change.

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