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Board of Directors

Scott Emmel, Vice President / TreasurerScott Emmel, President

Hi, I’m Scott Emmel. I’ve been an owner in Foxfield since 1986. The community has matured since I first moved here and we now have the obligation to properly maintain it while adapting to shifting needs and demands, while at the same time keeping a watch on expenses.

As a director and the current HOA president, I guide the board and help the other officers and directors review contract, policy, and budget issues for our large community of 645 homes. Together, our goal is to ensure that Foxfield continues to be a safe, clean, attractive, and desirable community. We review and approve residents’ architectural change requests; review and update parking, trash, swimming pool, and other policies; solicit, review and approve bids on major contracts; review and approve maintenance and repair requests; and manage the finances, which includes approving budgets and setting assessment rates. Sometimes the goals compete. For example, as much as we’d like to build many of the various projects and proposals we’re presented, we realize project bills need to be paid but HOA funds and assessment increases are not unlimited. My duty as president is to make sure we achieve the proper mix of maintaining current infrastructure, constructing capital improvements, maintaining healthy finances, and collecting appropriate assessments to pay our ongoing expenses. As much as possible we try to benefit the community as a whole with our decisions.

I own a small business in Fairfax and have a degree in finance from George Mason University. I’ve been on the board in various positions for the past 18 years.


Patrick Gartlan, Vice President

Hi, my name is Patrick Gartlan. My wife Clare and I purchased our home in Foxfield five years ago. As Fairfax natives, we loved how family-friendly the neighborhood was and knew it would be a great place to raise children. Since moving in, we have so enjoyed getting to know our neighbors and becoming involved in the community. I am a computer engineer, and Clare is a teacher right up the street at Chantilly High School. We have two small children and a Maltese/Dachshund mix named Muttsy, who has made friends with many of the neighborhood kids and dogs.  In my spare time, I enjoy working on DIY projects around the house.  I am  always willing to help out and am passionate about maintaining our community so that homeowners and their children can enjoy it for many years to come.

Curt Gaucher, Treasurer

My Wife and I have lived in the Foxfield Community for the past 10 years. We moved to Foxfield because we loved the open spaces and mature trees. I have a passion for our community and I want to continue to focus on improving and maintaining the grounds and the community as it ages. I look forward to supporting our community and representing what is best for our home owners.

Since moving to Foxfield, we have enjoyed getting to know our neighbors and becoming involved in the community. I am a HR Director for a fast paced IT Consulting firm based in Reston, in my spare time I enjoy walking our two dogs, gardening, cooking and biking. My wife and I look forward to living in Foxfield for many more years. I am passionate about our community and our plan for the future and I look forward to serving the community with dedication and pride to keep our community beautiful and maintained for years to come.

Photo of Board Member Ryan HamadRyan Hamad, Secretary

Hi, my name is Ryan Hamad and I purchased my townhouse in Foxfield 8 years ago. I am a CPA whose firm specializes in the audit of homeowner associations. I am looking forward to helping out wherever I can to further continue to make Foxfield community a highly desirable community. My wife and I enjoy being active and anything involving the outdoors. We love how Foxfield provides us the opportunity to bike, jog, walk, swim and play tennis all at the convenience of our home. We look forward to continuing to immerse ourselves in the community and further develop relationships with our fellow Foxfield homeowners.

Rabih Aboul-Hosn, Member-at-Large

My family and I have lived in the Foxfield Community since January 2004. I am excited to be on the board to give back to our community. I would like to continue to move towards our common goal for Foxfield to be a sought after community. So many people before me have worked so hard to improve our community. I hope to encourage everyone to step up and help out. So we are setting a good example for our children as well as our new neighbors. We have so many wonderful things to offer. I am very involved with our swim team. It’s rewarding watching how excited kids are to be part of such a great community.