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Trash Schedule – Normal Pickup on Labor Day

July 1, 2019 :: Latest News

Trash and recycling will be picked up as usual on September 2, Labor Day. As stated on our trash policies web page, only the New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day holidays have modified trash collection schedules. Truck crews may be coming through earlier than usual on Monday, so you are encouraged to place your items curbside Sunday evening.

As always, you are also encouraged to place your trash inside a hard container with lid. Scavenging animals feed at night and would love to tear open your plastic trash bags and feast on your leftovers. Unfortunately, the animals are not known for leaving the area clean upon completion of their meal.

Although the truck crews will be working on Labor Day, the company’s business office will be closed. The office will reopen on Tuesday, September 3.

2 Comments to “Trash Schedule – Normal Pickup on Labor Day”
  1. Ozcan Adiyaman says:

    They didn’t pickup the trash on July 4. This whole trash pickup has been ridiculous in the last few months.

    • Scott says:

      Not sure what happened there, but nobody else in the community reported a problem on July 4. Did you set your trash out Wednesday night or early in the morning on Thursday? The trucks were scheduled to be in Foxfield early in the morning. The trash collection company did have some staffing problems this spring, but the board hasn’t heard of any widespread recently missed pickups.

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