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Yard Debris Collection on July 31

July 31, 2020 :: Latest News

Foxfield’s trash disposal company, American Disposal Services, notified our management company today via email that they will be unable to collect all the single family home yard debris today. Yard debris not collected today will be collected tomorrow, Saturday, August 1.

2 Comments to “Yard Debris Collection on July 31”
  1. Mike Cohen says:

    My neighbor placed yard debris at the end of our pipestem (Willoughby Point Drive) last Tuesday, July 21st. He did not realize that yard debris pick up day had been changed from Wednesday to Friday.

    They did not pick up yard debris on Friday, July 24th, or July 25th. If they are not going to have dedicated yard debris pick ups, the least they could do is take it on regular collection days.

    There have been four regular trash collection days and they have not picked up this unsightly pile.

    They did not pick up today, July 31st; hopefully, they will pick up tomorrow.

    • Scott says:

      American Disposal notified us that today’s yard debris pickup would be completed tomorrow and assured us a supervisor will personally verify tomorrow that everything has been collected. Our property manager has been in contact with the company and is still researching to find out why yard debris was not picked up from some streets on July 24 and 25.

      It’s true, there have been regular trash pickups during the week, but Fairfax County requires that yard debris be picked up separately for most properties. Townhouse lots are exempt from this rule because of their small yard size.

      Interestingly, the Fairfax County web site currently says that yard waste pickup will be delayed for all Friday customers. We’re not sure of the announcement’s significance, since Foxfield is serviced by a private company and not Fairfax County, but perhaps there’s an ongoing problem with processing yard debris that affects all trash haulers. In any case, we all hope the service problems we’ve been having will be resolved soon.

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