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Tennis Courts/Basketball Courts

June 7, 2020 :: Latest News

A few people have asked about opening the tennis courts and basketball courts. Technically, tennis courts are allowed to reopen now as long as group size and distancing requirements are met. Basketball courts must remain closed under Phase 1.

We hope and expect that Northern Virginia will transition to Phase 2 soon, though we haven’t yet received a date. [6/9/20 update: Today the governor announced that Northern Virginia will move to Phase 2 on June 12, 2020.] Under Phase 2 basketball courts are allowed to open, although the 10-foot distancing requirement between players will still need to be met. Honestly, we think it would be difficult to play the game while keeping at least 10 feet away from all other players, but that’s what the Phase 2 law requires.

The problem we have in Foxfield is that all our tennis courts share space with basketball courts, so opening one court means opening the other. The only way we could open the tennis courts now would be to disable the basketball courts. We’d have to remove, store, and eventually reinstall at a minimum the basketball rims and possibly the entire backboards. With Northern Virginia’s Phase 2 transition hopefully right around the corner, we’ve elected to keep both courts closed for the time being. As soon as we’re allowed to open the basketball courts, though, the gates will be unlocked and both courts will reopen quickly.

[6/9/20 edit: We will have to look at the restrictions in place when deciding when to open. After studying the Phase 2 law, for example, our understanding is that Foxfield would be responsible for providing a continuous supply of hand sanitizer at the courts, enforcing the 10-foot separation between players, and screening players for COVID-19 symptoms. We don’t have full-time court guard employees or any employees at all for that matter, so opening the courts during the earliest reopening phases may be impractical.]

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