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Swimming Pool Update 6

July 5, 2020 :: Latest News

The swimming pool will finally open to Foxfield residents on Monday morning, July 6. Reservations will be required; see this Foxfield web page for the link to the current signup page, which changes weekly. You must read and sign the Pool User Acknowledgement form before you can use the pool — save time by printing and completing the form in advance before you arrive. We will have a limited supply of acknowledgement forms at the pool. Please note that children under the age of 18 must have the form signed by their parent or guardian.

For your convenience, the Pool User Acknowledgement form and a set of new, supplemental Swimming Pool Procedures are also available on this web site.

5 Comments to “Swimming Pool Update 6”
  1. Vicki Davis says:

    Thanks for creating the pool sign-up website on short notice. I emailed Heather via the pool sign up website a couple days ago but haven’t heard back to see if we can have additional time slots if only a couple people are signed up and it is within the next day or two. For example from 3 to 5 this Thursday no one is signed up.

    • Scott says:

      Heather and the board have discussed this. Starting next Monday, people will be allowed to reserve up to five top slots each week.

  2. Nooraldeen says:

    13129 willoughby pt dr

  3. Pierre J Chanu says:

    URI I don’t know what URI because I could not sign in. please advise

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