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Swimming Pool Update 5

July 1, 2020 :: Latest News

Pool Update 5

We have decided to open the swimming pool on Monday, July 6. The exact mechanism is still be finalized, but here are some of the highlights as they exist now:

– We’ll initially allow only 40 people into the facility at the same time. This is less than the maximum number we’re allowed under the governor’s Phase 3 guidelines, but we want to gauge community interest in using the pool and see how well people will comply with the social distancing requirements.

– Social distancing of ten feet will be mandatory, except in cases of families living under the same roof. This applies to people in and out of the water.

– Foxfield pool furniture will not be available for use. Patrons will be allowed to bring their own furniture into the pool area and must take it with them again when they leave.

Reservations will be required at least one day in advance. We’re setting up an online system that will allow people to choose a date and time block.

– People will be allowed to register for only two three time blocks per week and one time block per day.

– Time blocks will be two hours in duration. At the end of the second hour, all patrons must leave the pool facility to allow lifeguards 30 minutes to clean and disinfect all contact surfaces.

– Initially, only Foxfield residents who have submitted pool applications to our management company and are current with their assessments will be allowed to use the pool. Guests of residents will not be allowed.

– All people must complete a COVID-19 self-screening process before they register or before they enter the pool facility. These details are still being finalized. If a person does not certify that they aren’t a COVID-19 risk, they won’t be allowed to make a reservation or enter the facility.

– All people must sign an assumption of risk disclaimer before can enter the pool facility. Although Foxfield and our pool company are putting rules and regulations in place to help protect everyone, we cannot guarantee that patrons will not become exposed to or infected with COVID-19 as a result of coming to or using the pool facility.

We are developing and will post a document that lists all the new rules and regulations in detail, including how to make a pool reservation. It’s possible that some of the details in the final document may vary slightly from what we initially decided.

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    I must be an idiot. I dont see where to sign up.

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