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Swimming Pool Update 3

June 15, 2020 :: Latest News

Northern Virginia entered Phase 2 last Friday, June 12. The main difference we see in the new swimming pool restrictions compared to Phase 1 is that three swimmers are now allowed to exercise or swim laps in each lane at the same time. It’s still required that distancing of ten feet always be maintained, which we believe would limit our pool to nine simultaneous swimmers after considering our seven-foot lanes and the issue at pool walls. People are still not allowed to “play” in the water. More people are allowed at the same time at the pool facility, but they also must remain ten feet apart. Everyone must completely exit the facility at least every 90 minutes to allow 30 minutes for cleaning. Although the governor’s executive order now allows guests to use a facility’s pool furniture (at ten feet of distancing), the furniture must be disinfected after each use. Our pool company announced they will not perform the disinfecting procedure, so as a practical matter that means Foxfield pool furniture would be unavailable for use during Phase 2. A few operational challenges remain to be solved, including new touch-less sign-in procedures and the mandatory screening of all patrons for COVID symptoms at the pool’s entrance. (The executive order requires all patrons be screened, but it also says the process must comply with privacy and confidentiality laws and our pool company told us they will not perform the procedure.)

Although some local public pools have opened under Phase 2, many private pools remain closed. We expect several restrictions to be lifted once we enter Phase 3, and Governor Northam has scheduled a Phase 3 announcement for Tuesday of this week. We’re hoping for a quick return to normal, of course, but we realize the governor is trying to balance a quick reopening with safety. We studied the Phase 2 restrictions and concerns, asked for and received advice from our vendors, and looked to see what other communities in our area are doing. We read the guidance issued by local and national health organizations. In the end, we decided that as long as we’re still in Phase 2 the Foxfield pool will remain closed. The safety of our residents remains our highest priority. Foxfield will look at the Phase 3 restrictions as soon as they’re announced, and future updates will be posted on this web site. We know everyone is anxious to swim—thanks for hanging in there with us.

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