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Street Maintenance

August 30, 2021 :: Latest News

Road repairs and maintenance will begin in Foxfield this week and continue for the next 2-1/2 weeks. Our management company and the paving company will be notifying all affected homeowners through direct mail, posted signs, and door hanger tags. All vehicles must be removed from the relevant streets by 7 a.m. on the scheduled day before work can begin; any vehicles not moved in time are subject to being towed at the owner’s risk and expense, which may include a $60 towing fee. You may park in a nearby permitted area, but realize that neighbors on your street will be looking for new parking spots at the same time so be prepared for an extra walk.

Some streets will be milled and paved, which means the existing asphalt will be removed and new asphalt will be poured. Streets in better condition will need only the existing asphalt resealed, while those in the best condition won’t need any work at all. In all cases, only Foxfield-owned roads will be repaired. Streets in Foxfield that belong to Virginia are maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Although the dates are subject to change due to weather conflicts, here is the tentative schedule:

Brandy Station Court
Grand Junction Court
Grand Junction Drive

9/1~9/2 (Postponed to 9/9~9/10 due to weather)
Custom House Court

Blue Fox Lane pipestem
Cross Keys Court pipestems (2 southern pipestems only)
Fishers Hill Court pipestem

Kernstown Court

Jasper Court pipestem
Plum Run Court (townhouse section only)
Tannery Court (townhouse section only)

Foxfield Lane (south end only)
Swimming Pool parking lot
Willoughby Point Drive
Willoughby Point Lane
Willoughby Point Lane (2 pipestems)

Foxhole Drive

Foxfield Lane (north end only)
Keefer Court

Keefer Court (painting only)

9/17 (Postponed to 9/21 due to weather)
Cross Keys Court pipestem (northern pipestem only)
Sudley Ford Court

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