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Latest News

Yard Debris – Absolutely No Plastic Bags After April 19

April 15, 2021 :: Latest News

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted in February to prohibit the future use of plastic bags for yard waste. As collected yard waste was being shredded, the process had been mixing plastic bag pieces into the compost that was later used in yards and gardens. The County now wishes to minimize the amount of […]

New Recycling Rules

March 12, 2021 :: Latest News

American Disposal has recently made some changes to their recycling policies. In a nutshell: Recycling materials and yard waste may no longer be placed in plastic bags. Use paper bags or cardboard boxes to hold your materials or place items in a reusable bin. Yard debris is being picked up separately on Fridays again in […]

Holiday Lights Contest Winners

January 31, 2021 :: Latest News

On December 22 your Board members drove down every street in Foxfield and looked at everyone’s decoration. In previous years many people made a real effort to show their holiday spirit, and this year was no exception. The judging was again difficult, but after much deliberation here is what we decided: Single family house winners: […]

Annual Meeting Report

October 27, 2020 :: Latest News

The Foxfield Annual Meeting was called to order at the Stringfellow Road tennis courts yesterday evening, October 26. Enough owners were present in person or by proxy to constitute a quorum, so the meeting proceeded. The main purpose of the meeting was to elect a board of directors. All current board members were running for […]

Dog Park Decision

October 16, 2020 :: Latest News

After careful study and deliberation, the Board of Directors has unanimously decided against the homeowner proposal to build a dog park on Foxfield common area. Because the Board decided against the proposal, a community vote is not required on whether or not to approve its funding. There were several remaining unresolved issues but in the […]

Yard Waste Collection Moved to Fridays

April 23, 2020 :: Latest News

Beginning the week of May 4, 2020, yard debris will be picked up on Fridays instead of Wednesdays. This change affects only the single family homes, since townhouse residents dispose of their yard debris with the regular trash. Trucks may begin pickup early on Friday morning, so please have your items at the curb by […]

Small Change in Trash Pickup Schedule

February 27, 2017 :: Latest News

Thursday’s trash pickup schedule has changed slightly. Instead of picking up recycling items first, the trash company now collects regular trash first, beginning as early as 7:00 a.m. The trucks then return to the neighborhood and pick up the recycling items somewhere around noon. Residents can continue to place their trash and recycling outside at […]