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Latest News

Dog Park Decision

October 16, 2020 :: Latest News

After careful study and deliberation, the Board of Directors has unanimously decided against the homeowner proposal to build a dog park on Foxfield common area. Because the Board decided against the proposal, a community vote is not required on whether or not to approve its funding. There were several remaining unresolved issues but in the […]

Yard Debris Collection on October 16

October 16, 2020 :: Latest News

Foxfield’s trash disposal company, American Disposal Services, notified our management company today that they will be unable to collect all the single family home yard debris today. Yard debris not collected today will be collected tomorrow, Saturday, October 17.

Dog Park Proposal Presentation on Monday

September 23, 2020 :: Latest News

A Foxfield homeowner has asked the Home Owners Association to build a dog park on Foxfield property. The cost may be high enough to require the Board of Directors to seek and receive homeowner approval before proceeding with construction, should the Board approve the project. On Monday the Board will present proposal details to the […]

Dog Park Proposal

September 11, 2020 :: Latest News

[9/12/20 update: The Board of Directors has been asked by the proposal spokesperson to change the project’s name from “dog park” to “dog playground.” The Board’s understanding is that a “playground” typically includes facilities for recreation, though, and no recreation facilities are mentioned in the proposal. Nonetheless, the reader may wish to substitute the word “playground” […]

Recycling Collection on September 11

September 11, 2020 :: Latest News

Foxfield’s trash disposal company, American Disposal Services, notified our management company this morning that they will finish yesterday’s recyclable collection today.

Pool Opening Delay on Saturday

August 29, 2020 :: Latest News

We’ve just been informed by the pool management company that the pool will open today no earlier than 4 p.m. due to the expected heavy rains caused by Hurricane Laura. Any updates to the opening time will be posted here.

Swimming Pool Signups

August 24, 2020 :: Latest News

Click on a link to signup. Note that links will not be active until the Sunday that precedes a new week. Sorry! Pool is closed for 2020. We hope COVID-19 will be only a distant memory by next year. Here are the supplemental Pool Procedures. Adults will need to agree to and sign a Pool […]

Swimming Pool Update 6

July 5, 2020 :: Latest News

The swimming pool will finally open to Foxfield residents on Monday morning, July 6. Reservations will be required; see this Foxfield web page for the link to the current signup page, which changes weekly. You must read and sign the Pool User Acknowledgement form before you can use the pool — save time by printing and […]

Swimming Pool Update 5

July 1, 2020 :: Latest News

Pool Update 5 We have decided to open the swimming pool on Monday, July 6. The exact mechanism is still be finalized, but here are some of the highlights as they exist now: – We’ll initially allow only 40 people into the facility at the same time. This is less than the maximum number we’re […]

Swimming Pool Update 4

June 28, 2020 :: Latest News

Governor Northam announced last week that he plans to move Virginia to Phase 3 on July 1. Northern Virginia would be included in the transition unless our local officials request otherwise, and as of last week they were largely onboard with the governor’s plan. Most of the Phase 2 swimming pool requirements still apply under […]