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Dog Park Decision

October 16, 2020 :: Latest News

After careful study and deliberation, the Board of Directors has unanimously decided against the homeowner proposal to build a dog park on Foxfield common area. Because the Board decided against the proposal, a community vote is not required on whether or not to approve its funding.

There were several remaining unresolved issues but in the end we based our decision on the overriding sense that most people in the community, especially those who live closest to the two proposed sites, do not want the homeowners association to build, operate, and maintain a Foxfield dog park. Although there clearly are some homeowners who strongly favor the project, we must recognize that the unambiguous majority of owners who expressed an opinion in person or in writing are strongly opposed to the idea.

The Foxfield Board wishes to thank the homeowners who submitted the proposal for the Board to consider, as well as all members of the community who expressed their opinions on the matter.

One Comments to “Dog Park Decision”
  1. Ahmad Kohy says:

    The Foxfield Board made right decision.



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