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Annual Board Meeting, April 22

April 1, 2019 :: Latest News

See Calendar of Events for details.


Some of the projects your board has accomplished this year:

  • Installed new stone column fence and landscaping by the pool
  • Repaved the south side of Brandy Station Road
  • Added dog stations to both sides of Brandy Station Road and Foxfield Lane
  • Updated and refreshed street signs throughout the community
  • Performed interior painting and repaired miscellaneous trim work in the pool house
  • Replaced the storage shed wood walls and roof at the pool house
  • Continued improvements to landscaping, including planting trees (plans for fall planting underway)  
  • Re-striped parking lot on Foxfield Lane so all spaces have the same width
  • Installed new communal mailboxes in the townhome section — this project is ongoing
  • Contracted to build two new shade structures at the pool — to be installed as soon as possible per vendor timeline

2 Comments to “Annual Board Meeting, April 22”
  1. Claire M. Murphy says:

    I am a resident of Foxfield. I live on Kernstown Court. I would like to know if a dog station can be added to the Kernstown Court area. We do have problems with dog waste and this may be just what the neighborhood needs.

    Please respond to my inquiry. Thank you.

    • Scott says:

      Thank you – the board will discuss adding another dog waste collection station. I assure you that we don’t like walking in dog poop any more than the next person does. This type of request always forces a balancing act between our desire to keep the community clean of dog waste, the aesthetics of having the stations in the community, convenience and accessibility to all residents, fairness to dog owners and non-owners alike, and the initial and ongoing waste station costs.

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